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Automation. 90% Cost Savings. Efficiency!

IT World is the organization behind 3 powerful brands. We believe in building "new age" solutions, which help eliminate costs and create efficiency, while ensuring awesome stakeholder experience.

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iClickats, Forever Free

Clients consider iClickats as "their most valuable colleague" because iClickats:

  • Eliminates 90% of the manual activities
  • Helps you establish a 90% stronger brand
  • Eliminates your dependency on team members.

iClickats works 24/7. It is never sick.

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Thousands of Teams Choose to Save
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Money Saved Hire 10x Faster, Save 80% on Your Hiring Budget is a crowd sourcing marketplace for IT hiring. It is AI driven and ensures you can:

  • Hire 10x faster than any other channel
  • Tap into a pool of 3.5 million IT candidates
  • Leverage 400+ vendor partners across 22 EU countries
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Thousands of IT Professionals
Successfully Hired through








Money Saved

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As an Expert in your field, you want to do what you do best & not worry about paying your bills. Pay helps you:

  • Have mental peace and enjoy your money faster
  • Work on new projects and not worry about invoice payments
  • Take on new clients. Enjoy the same Pay across Europe.

iClickats works 24/7. It is never sick.

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Thousands of IT Professionals
Successfully Hired through




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Sue Hegelman
Meet our VP Team
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VP Finance & Control

Agnes van der Pool

My teams ensure our finance operations run smoothly across 5 geographies, 160+ international clients, 400+ vendor partners and hundreds of Pay users.
We are constantly expanding our network of payment solutions and partners to process payments faster.
I ensure the future of payments and AI comes to us faster.
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VP Legal & Compliance

Larisa las Carinas

My teams support all legal and compliance related affairs across platforms and jurisdictions.
We are here to ensure that all of our stakeholders can make use of our products and services and benefit from the "fair play rules" guiding our processes.
I ensure we set the gold standard when it comes to compliance.
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VP Human Resources

Sue Hegelman

I aim to inspire and empower the hundreds of ambitious women we employ.
I'm very proud of our unique, women driven organization where the 10 Principles of performance drive the Super i -the very ambitious woman.
I inspire so we set the bar for each day higher!
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VP Marketplace & Platforms

Isabella Murcia

My teams wake up every day empowered to deliver better service and solutions to all of our stakeholders and across platforms.
Our users benefit from the futuristic solutions and automations we offer. If a process can be automated my team is the first to take the initiative to transform it.
Automation delivers a magnitude of cost savings and reduced human intervention.
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VP Operations

Leslie Brown

Operations entail everything from the offices we occupy to the secure remote infrastructure we need each day to serve our stakeholders.
Each day poses a new opportunity to make our teams more efficient, more agile and better prepared for the future.
I believe AI is the the enabler of less human future.
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"Customer Driven" Culture

Our culture is unique. We obssess about Quality and Speed of delivery to our customers.

Here is how we do it:
  • Colleagues follow continuous training programs in our Academy
  • KPI's focus is on client output & process efficiency
  • Those who make a client happy are rewarded extra

Every time we perform well a customer saves money.

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Slavina Manova
Meet our Leaders
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Personal Assistant C-Suite

Gabriela Sanchez

I use my "super i powers" to ensure our C-level colleagues can work on the company's future in the most efficent way.
I help them launch new initiatives, coordinate with global colleagues and make sure the C-level vision is implemented.
My moto is: delegate to AI so you free your time and rise up
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Inga Fiord

I'm entrusted with the financial well being of all stakeholders who use our brands.
With our finance teams, we ensure we keep our eyes on a frictionless finance future while ensuring compliance and increased revenues.
As the saying goes, a euro saved is a euro earned.
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Slavina Manova

I help stir our organizations towards greater output, happier customers and more satisfied employees.
There is nothing more empowering than seeing customers revenues skyrocket when using our products and services.
If we can help customers earn revenues today why wait until tomorrow?
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Farah Amin

I provide advice and a fresh independent opinion.
In my role i have the privilege to work with the most empowered and ambitious women. Together, we use our powers to envision a more humanless future.
I believe that he who wants to do everything will never do anything. Where focus goes energy flows.

Cost savings for Customers

Massive cost savings and ROI, is behind all of our products

All our products provide:
  • Thousands of automations eliminating up to 90% on manual tasks
  • Dependency on team members
  • Ensure your process runs even if most your recruiters are sick

Our products allow the human to focus where it adds most value, not where it wastes most if its time.

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